titanium – quick delivery

An important condition here is that we have it on stock. Our stocks are generously dimensioned. Usually, all alloys and dimensions are immediately available. When time is important, our driver will also deliver directly by van. But normally you receive the goods in an astonishingly short time.

waterjet cutting

Thanks to our waterjet cutting system and proven CNC technology we are able to deliver all titanium sheet and plate dimensions just as if they were standard. This applies to rectangular formats and also round or irregular sections. And, of course, we can also cut all bar material to the required length.


Simply send us your enquiry. You will immediately receive the prevailing daily price, at the latest within 24 hours.

ultra-quick enquiry

Quantities and current raw material prices determine the daily price. Therefore, we are unable to provide a permanently graduated price. Ultimately, we aim to give you the most economic price. After you send us your ultra-quick enquiry you receive your individual, binding offer within 24 hours.

We use our waterjet cutting technology to cut sheet metal and plates to the shape and dimensions you require. Dimensions, CAD file or sketches are enough. Economic even for 1 piece!

We supply all common alloys and dimensions from stock. Cuts for special lengths are carried out promptly.

We supply all common alloys and dimensions from stock. Cuts for special lengths are carried out promptly.

DIN3.7035, ASTM B348, Grade 2

DIN 3.7025, Grade 1

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titanium characteristics

Pure titanium has a specific weight of 4.54 and strength in the range of approx. 300   750 N/mm². Application: in general, unalloyed titanium can withstand the corrosive effect of wet chlorine gas, saline solutions, sea water, most metallic chlorides, calcium and sodium-hypochlorite, nitric acid, chlorinated solvents and most organic acids. Anodised titanium also withstands highly aggressive media. For example, in the electroplating industry the metal is used for hanging fixtures in anodising tanks containing sulphuric acid.